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In-Home Physiotherapy

In-home physiotherapy is a specialized area, with services provided by a registered physiotherapist. Our in-home physiotherapy services are for seniors, disabled adults, and for individuals who had either a work place injury, sport injury or a motor vehicle accident. A registered physiotherapist will visit you at home, and provide all the care necessary and treatment, according to your needs. Give us a call to learn more. 

Physiotherapy Treatment

In-home physio treatment is given based on each client's situation, and the severity of the injury. Clients can book the days and times that is best suitable. Before treatment, a 30 minutes consultation is provided. After consultation, a weekly treatment is expected. Our weekly treatment is to assist our clients gain and maintain their strength and independence.  During treatment, the registered physiotherapy will review your progression and address any concerns you may have.  Give us call for more details.



Do you have Extended Health Care Benefits?

Extended Health Care benefits help plan members and their dependents pay for medical expenses and treatments not covered by their provincial plan.  Details of exactly what is covered, how much the plan pays, and what the deductible amounts are vary among plans. 

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